Cutting-edge solutions for the new age of mobile

Your employees and customers demand better experiences in an increasingly mobile-centric world. Innovations in hardware and cloud computing are blurring the lines between at-home and at-work activities and expectations are rising daily with every mobile interaction people have, be it in the store, on the go, or relaxing at home. Whether migrating legacy applications or developing new ones, it is important to set a very high bar in your solution delivery.

To help you meet this challenge, Luxoft provides end-to-end services from consulting and envisioning, through application development and testing, to device and application management. Let us help you design, develop, and maintain a mobile ecosystem equal to the demands of the market and able to delight your users.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility helps bring the whole spectrum of your mobile activation together to be streamlined and optimized in order to maximize profitability and productivity across your workforce. Luxoft delivers everything from advisory and integration services, through mobile application development, to device certification testing to make sure your entire device ecosystem is efficient, secure and manageable.

Multi-Screen Experience

Multi-Screen Experiences give your customers a consistent, familiar feel at all their touch points with your business, be it in a shop, on the web, or by mobile when on the move. Develop solutions which reinforce brand consistency to improve recognition, foster brand loyalty and gain more sales as a result. Our services include envisioning, design, engineering, and lifecycle management to keep experiences fresh, impactful, and up-to-date.


Wearable devices offer your business a new dimension of data and information on customers that can be collected, analyzed, and acted upon. Whether you are interested in instrumenting your workforce to anticipate fatigue-related accidents, creating an augmented reality solution to improve education, or launching an entirely new wearable innovation, Luxoft has the skills and experience to help.

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