Put IoT to work for your business. 

Together with our customers, we're changing the way the world does business. Whether we're transforming industries that produce and distribute food to feed the world's 7 billion people, manufacture products or sell those products and services to consumers, Luxoft's Internet of Things Center of Expertise helps companies compete and win in a digital world. Don’t let the enormity of IoT hold you back from realizing its business value that is available today.

Whether you have a well-defined project or are at the beginning of a vision, Luxoft offers end-to-end delivery capabilities to ensure clients benefit from a single execution journey – from envisioning to market impact. Our team supports all types of industries, such as Agriculture and Food to Retail and Manufacturing to name a few. Our team also supports all phases of solution development – from initial architecture and design to deployment into industrial, operational, or consumer environments.

Data Capture

Capturing data from the people, places, and objects in your ecosystem is essential to building an effective IoT solution. Whether you are instrumenting a new environment with modern technology or leveraging a legacy network of sensors and gateways, Luxoft makes it easy to connect your edge devices.

Real-Time Insight

The modern expectation for instant awareness and understanding is driving a need for automated and immediate data analytics. Luxoft offers visibility and control of your data stream, providing real-time insight across all devices and machine ecosystems. Make timely, informed decisions at an accelerated pace to improve your business processes and enable faster optimizations.

Operational Intelligence

By combining aggregate data sources with machine learning capabilities, we build sophisticated recommendation engines into existing business processes and technology systems. Utilizing smart connected devices and cloud computing allows us to help our customers optimize business logic, deploy it to the edge, and benefit from distributed and automated operational change.

Problems we've solved

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