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We are surrounded by bad design. Whether you’re taking cash out of an ATM or taking your boarding pass from an airport kiosk, you witness it every day. With so many industries placing increased value on interface design, it’s astounding to continuously find low-quality UX systems. But with screens all around you, connectivity and data driven insight are transforming both how we consume information and how we interact with our digital world. In many cases, these breakthroughs are making new types of devices with services never thought possible. From smartwatches that do everything from tell us the traffic to our heart rate to cars that can drive themselves, intelligent devices are rapidly transforming how we live, work and play every day.

Luxoft understands this challenge. Existing technology platform providers either force you to become an accessory to an existing ecosystem, aren’t flexible or require that you share all the data from your customer with them. Our Intelligent Devices Center of Expertise provides you with a development capability and platform that’s fully customizable. And instead of having to play by someone else’s rules, you get the creative freedom to design your own device platform to fit your industry and your unique customer.

Smart Device Innovation

Get ahead of the competition in your industry by offering smart devices that revolutionize the way consumers and businesses perform their everyday tasks and interact with you and your brand. Luxoft makes it easy to embrace smart technology to create a stunning and memorable user experience with a smart, intelligent device.

Independent and Flexible Software Platforms

Luxoft removes the barriers and requirements of other platforms to provide you with a standard platform that gives you the ability to customize to your unique customer needs. We leverage open source software that has been continuously improved by expert peers in order to offer you the best product possible.

Hardware Enablement

No matter which industry you are in, your enterprise has to keep up with your competitors when it comes to smart products if you want to make your presence known. At Luxoft, we specialize in designing hardware that’s equipped with smart and flexible technology -- from the lowest level board design to the application development and user experience.

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