Is your data truly secure?

The demand to secure the IT environment is greater than ever. As technology becomes more pervasive, interconnected devices, integrated platforms and interchangeable data all pose a great challenge for secure management and maintenance. With security threats lurking around every corner, enterprises need a solution that is comprehensive, supports the adoption of new technologies, aligns with business goals, and is able to combat the growing variety of threats from both within and outside the enterprise. It’s imperative to have integrated systems that can address risks in early stages and prevent issues in the business environment.

Our Information Security Center of Expertise focuses on developing customized security services for companies around the world. Made up of dedicated individuals with diverse security experience, we provide threat and detection systems you can trust. With a security framework encompassing application security, penetration testing, auditing, and managing security services, Luxoft offers you the full package to mitigate cybersecurity gaps.

Information Security Advisory and Consulting

New applications, services, and systems are constantly emerging. While your new app may turn out to be the next best thing, it’s nothing without specialized security to keep it safe. In today’s times, the quality of security can make or break apps and services. With security breaches frequenting the news, businesses need to strengthen their information strongholds in order to protect their records, data, and technology in every way possible.

Achieving security-related business goals has never been easier thanks to our proficient information security advisory and consulting services. Covering software development, infrastructure and network as well as project management and compliance needs, these options comprehensively assist organizations in going the extra mile without being exposed to security risks.

Our consulting services encompass:

  • Secure Application and Software Development
  • Airtight IT Infrastructure and Network
  • Standardized Project Management/Compliance
  • Security team building
  • On-site/Off-site Training


Information Security Auditing and Assessment

As technology’s interconnectedness increases, so does its vulnerability. Existing apps, services and systems risk being hacked without the proper security. And once your tech is compromised, it’s an issue that often requires your full attention and time. Taking preventative measures by assessing whether your security meets your industry’s standards or not should always be an important factor for any business.

Luxoft’s information security auditing and assessment services effectively collaborates with your organization to help you plan and execute a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for your existing infrastructure. In turn, this enhances business operations without compromising security or privacy across your corporate network, data center and cloud. By leveraging structured compliance framework, companies can achieve alignment with their internal policy, market regulations, and industry standards.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Preventative Risk Assessment
  • IT Security Audit
  • Standard Compliance Review/Audit
  • Static/Dynamic Code Analysis
  • Application and Network Penetration Testing
  • Secure Architecture and Design Assessment
  • Social Engineering Protection
  • Vulnerability Scanning, Tracking and Management

Information Security Management

Since cyberattacks have become more sophisticated, today’s enterprises can no longer rely on traditional methods to verify, ship and deliver their products and services securely. In order to put concerned minds at ease, the latest security tools are necessary in order to keep up with the latest threats.

Luxoft’s information security management services helps businesses run smoothly without any negative impact on security. We encompass a spectrum of security areas that support applications, data, network, endpoints and more. With information security management you can trust, your organization can move forward and profit from the benefits of new tech with minimal risk to the enterprise.

Our selection of offerings include:

  • Constant Risk Management
  • Sustained Data Protection
  • Ongoing Compliance Management
  • Organized Data Governance

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