The world’s leading online travel company needed a real-time view of e-commerce system health that avoids downtime and loss of sales by immediately identifying service outages and prioritizing backend infrastructure issues to be addressed by technical teams.


• Luxoft’s S.A.M. enhances production alerts with reference data from multiple sources and applies business logic for categorization and prioritization.
• Produced real-time Power BI dashboards for data exploration and functionality that fuels automated “Service Now” ticket system
• A single framework that can be reviewed in real-time.
• When new problems are discovered the knowledge base updates and the next time the ticket comes through there is more information on how to fix the issue quicker.


• New system quickly identified a service performance issue on its e-commerce platform preventing consumers from purchasing travel. Had it gone undetected, it would have resulted in a $2 million loss in revenue.
• IT support teams operate more efficiently and effectively with real-time insight and ability to quickly prioritize issues to be addressed.

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