As a longtime leader in agriculture, a major agricultural equipment manufacturer challenged Luxoft with helping them stay competitive and maintain their leadership position as the industry moves into the digital age. Specifically, the company tasked Luxoft with helping them develop a set of applications for farmers that would provide them with real-time insight across the entire crop cycle from planting to harvest to help them optimize yield.


Luxoft developed multiple solutions across tilling, planting, spraying, and harvesting, including mobile applications that provide real-time insight for optimizing performance in the field. Luxoft also developed cloud technology that is capable of collecting and analyzing aggregate data from weather, 3rd parties, and historical performance, to build sophisticated recommendation algorithms for the grower. Originally offered as an aftermarket product and now a dealer installed option at purchase, these apps connect wirelessly via a tablet device to the farmer’s equipment, providing real-time decision support via recommendations for adjusting settings during the operation in order to maximize yield.


By constantly capturing and analyzing data from the equipment in the field, operators are now able to make real-time decisions to support and optimize efforts from tilling to harvest. In addition, growers also benefit from the ability to analyze data via a web portal for the purposes of strategic planning and assessment. Luxoft’s client also benefits from the collection of data across its customer base helping inform product development and creating new value streams for its customers and partners.

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