The goal was to aggregate the strategic Golden Source & Book Mastering System for Book data across the entire bank, considering the high complexity of the hierarchy and quantity of roles involved in the workflow.


Analyzed current business, functional, integration and infrastructure architecture, defined target business architecture, benefits and timeframe.
Met with users on Trading Floor in New York, spoke with representative of each role, observing how do they interact with each other, and with application, and detected bottle necks in the workflow.
Came up with several options of the Book Master system, and validated it with representatives of multiple roles.


Increased efficiency of Bank employees greatly.
Better control of the risks with the help of responsive UI to make informed counterparty decisions in a timely manner.
Well-governed workflow process.
Business process simplification and standardization.
Multi-entity capability, entity-agnostic processing, flexibility with regard to future changes in legal entity structure.
Common interface for transaction data between divisional front-office and group-back-office (risk, finance, and operations).