Bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds

The number of ways in which customers can interact with a business is growing all the time – and those methods are becoming more sophisticated as technology develops. From Automotive and Telecommunications to Financial Services and Retail, Luxoft helps customers understand where digital can best be applied in the customer journey. Luxoft applies digital interaction for your end users to give the most comprehensive, coherent and effective experience possible.

Services, Strategy and Innovation

As the lines between physical and digital worlds continue to blur every day, companies need a better way to understand their customers’ journeys in the physical world. Our skilled specialists evaluate not just visual aspects of user interactions, but every aspect of the user experience and digital journey of the customer. Luxoft’s unique approach helps companies better understand where digital can improve the customer journey to increase satisfaction and improve overall processes and usability.

User Experience Design

Luxoft focuses on helping companies create compelling new user experiences or work through usability problems of existing products and services, identifying and implementing better experiences that drive sales, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Our approach surfaces insight through quantitative and qualitative analysis, applying proven strategies to closing usability gaps among target customers. Through our diverse team of 70+ UX/UI experts, Luxoft works with you to improve processes, navigation, and interaction techniques to drive new user insight to deliver the best possible experience for your end users.

HMI Design Services

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design services help deliver user displays and performance support application that gives you the ability to establish high level situational awareness, minimize user effort and risk for errors, enable effective abnormal situation responses and enhance task performance. With Luxoft's award-winning presentation, navigation and interaction techniques, we can help provide the best HMI and ergonomics solutions to increase user efficiency and decrease mental stress for users.

Problems we've solved

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