Rapid, dependable, collaborative – development for modern applications

Managing change within large, fragmented legacy application stacks can hinder the pace and cost of business operations. This can make companies less competitive in their respective markets. But through Luxoft’s DevOps services, enterprises with industry focuses from Energy, to Travel, to complex Technology transform their existing infrastructures into more scalable and highly automated solutions. Our approach creates a modernized infrastructure to reduce the cost and complexity of development and operations.

Infrastructure Automation

The Luxoft Infrastructure Automation approach assists you in creating an automated build, test, and deploy framework that helps eliminate inefficiency while ensuring integrity and consistency. This process takes a holistic view of the needs of your development and operations teams, implementing a solution that satisfies the demands for your business.

Continuous Delivery Transformation

Luxoft establishes a reliable delivery pipeline that rapidly accelerates the pace of innovation, increases quality, and reduces ongoing maintenance costs. The Luxoft approach considers proper governance, authorization, collaboration, quality, and development methodology when selecting appropriate support tools.

Test Automation

Properly integrating the automated testing framework and building a suite of test harnesses that operate end-to-end across applications and services is critical for success. By using Luxoft’s experienced and repeatable Test Automation approach, human error is reduced, trust is built, costs are cut and the pace of innovation increases.

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