Cloud migration can be seamless with the right partner

Against a backdrop of fast-moving technology, large-scale transition into the Cloud can appear complex and daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.

Luxoft delivers precise assessment, migration, and development services that de-risk the process. From Automotive and Telecommunications to Financial Services and Retail, we help customers with application, middleware and data migration from enterprise data centers to public, private and hybrid Cloud environments. This allows customers to achieve more effective governance, reduce costs and establish a future-ready infrastructure.

Cloud Assessment

From transactional applications, to services, to analytic platforms, to network topology and security imperatives, the factors to consider when making the move to the Cloud can be daunting. Using the Luxoft Cloud assessment approach, we help you evaluate readiness and match a cloud platform and/or service provider against the target requirements.

Cloud App Migration

The Luxoft Cloud application migration approach ensures a smooth transition for both portable applications and re-architected applications destined for microservices. Security, performance, maintenance efficiency, business continuity and regulation are just some of the areas taken into account to make your new Cloud application stack operational as quickly as possible.

Cloud Native Development

In greenfield applications or those requiring a rebuild, Luxoft brings a seasoned approach to Cloud native development that ensures fast deployment, seamless scaling, and futureproof design. Luxoft can operate as a trusted partner working alongside your existing teams, or take complete ownership to oversee migration, development and deployment.

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