Big Data requires big ideas

The complexity, volume, and speed of data in today's business environment requires a strategic approach to data management, processing, and analysis. Businesses across a wide range of industries such as Telecommunications and Healthcare require scalable data solutions capable of harnessing data today as well as in the future.

Luxoft’s Center of Expertise for Big Data connects real business problems to effective technologies, delivering solutions ranging from explorative prototypes to enterprise-grade systems. Our team focuses on fast paths to value, where we help clients navigate the continuously evolving landscape of big data tools and platforms. Then we expertly design the right data strategy for each unique business need. 

Modern Data Platforms

Through Luxoft’s Modern Data Platform service, our clients can capture large amounts of structured and unstructured data, and ultimately transform it into valuable, business-tailored models. Leveraging modern technologies such as cloud-based architectures or clustered-computing strategies, Luxoft's solutions present consistent and reliable data systems that can drive business insights quickly and efficiently. 

Visualization and Analytics

Utilizing the right tools for any scenario, from Power BI and Tableau to custom JavaScript visualization, Luxoft’s Data Visualization team presents complex data concisely and intuitively. Our team focuses on full solutions, from data marts to dimensional models to visualizations. Luxoft reveals meaningful insight from data patterns and complex data sets to enhance user experiences and power business goals. 

Data Science and Machine Learning

The Luxoft Data Science team empowers our clients to extract, analyze, and gain insight from massive amounts of data, transforming their teams from reactive to proactive while exposing new opportunities for value capture. Luxoft's team helps clients apply the right technique to strategically transform their business through the use of data, whether it’s via artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, or high performance computing. 

Problems we've solved

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